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End of Summer Party Ozzel - Lime Flavoured

Image of End of Summer Party Ozzel - Lime Flavoured

£10.00 - On Sale

The End of Summer Party Ozzels are Ozzels that never want to grow up! Do they like parties?! DO THEY LIKE PARTIES?! Jelly and Icecream, bouncy castles, swimming pools with rubber rings, biscuits and party games, they can't get enough of them!

These 4 Ozzels are the product of some experiments colouring some clear Resin I had. To accompany these Ozzels I turned some of the coloured resin into a mini-'canvas' depicting some of the Ozzels party activaties.

The Lime flavoured EOSP Ozzel with his blackcurrent flavoured mini-canvas in a hand-made window display box.

For more images of the Ozzels please check out my Flickr photo album : > HERE <

* please note these are handcast, hand sculpted toys and each is individual. They may show bubbles or slight casting differences.

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